Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019 4:53 am
Intelligence report received by the University Management has made it imperative to again remind all students about the need to conduct themselves as law abiding and responsible members of the academic community. Specifically, the following are of utmost importance:

(i) All unregistered associations/groups are illegal and as such
should not operate in any form within and outside the University.
(ii) If any student is identified as belonging to or operating on the
platform of any of such organizations/groups within or outside the
University campus or propagating or promoting such organizations/group
in any form, such student shall be summarily dismissed and dealt with
in accordance with the law of the University Regulations..
(iii) Every student of the University is required to maintain a high standard
of personal integrity as any act of misconduct, unethical, immoral,
dishonest dehumanizing or destructive behavior, including involvement
in physical combat, will be visited with appropriate sanctions.
(iv) All students are, therefore, enjoined to ensure that they adhere
strictly to all University regulations as contained in the Students’

(v) Fresh students in particular are strongly advised to concentrate on their academic work and desist from participating in any move to elect class representatives now that their registration is still on.

(vi) It is particularly important for all students to note that bringing the fresh students together in groups under the guise of holding tutorials for them by any individual or group is illegal and anyone found violating this directive, no matter his or her status will be sanctioned severely.

Best wishes.
J. A. Agboola